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Introducing the 3603D PCB

Advanced LiDAR Project Development Shield for Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3

The 3603D is a versatile PCB shield that facilitates development and simplifies assembly of advanced Arduino LiDAR projects.  The board is designed to interface with the 'Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3' microcontroller and supports plug-and-play connection of various off-the-shelf components, modules, and sensors.

3603D PCB: Welcome


3D LiDAR Scanner Development Project

The 3603D started as a custom, one-off PCB for an inexpensive, DIY 3D LiDAR scanner built around the Arduino IDE and various off-the-shelf modules, sensors, and components.

The wiring of the original Proof of Concept design became so complicated and difficult to follow, that further modifications and development became a challenge.  Also, a great deal of time was spent troubleshooting various connection problems, pin-out and device conflicts, power issues, etc.  The 3603D board was designed in response to all of these issues and incorporates the many lessons-learned from the original POC build. 

We hope that the 3603D shield along with the other tools and information made available on will make it easy for others to develop their own Arduino-based DIY 3D LiDAR scanner (or similar project).  - Connect your shield to a compatible microcontroller, plug in your components, download some sample sketches, and you're ready to begin developing your own 3D scanner or other LiDAR project!

NOTE: The 3603D is sold as an unassembled kit of parts and is intended for Arduino enthusiasts and hobbyists.

3603D PCB: About
Circuit Board Repair

PCB Connections...

The 3603D supports connection of the following components, modules, and sensors: 

  • DC 5V 0.1A 2-Pin 30x30x7mm Brushless Fan

  • IR Wireless Remote Control Module HX1838

  • Red Laser Diode Module

  • Optical Limit Switch

  • 5V Passive Buzzer

  • WS2812 5050 RGB NeoPixel Ring 12-LED

  • 2-Pin ON-OFF Rocker Switch

  • 12V 0.4A Stepper Motors (x2)

  • Feedback 360 Continuous Servo Motor

  • Slamtec RPLIDAR A1 360 Scanner

  • 4-Pin Momentary Push Button & LED

I2C Devices

  • DS1307 Real Time Clock Module

  • MPU-6050 3-Axis Gyro Accelerometer Module

  • Micro SD Card Reader (Data Logging) Module

  • 20x4 Character LCD Display w I2C Adapter

  • Garmin LIDAR-Lite v3HP Sensor


  • Connections for up to 3 additional 5V I2C devices

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